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Thu, 12 Oct 2017 23:42:20 +0200
Carl Strohmeyer
SPECIAL: 30 Watt Coral Colour Plus Ultima, Reef Aquarium Capable LED Tile- $199.99 ONLY ONE Available at this price! (Third "Specials" Cart)

• The Coral Colour Plus Ultima is an over all wide angle 20K Reef Aquarium Light which consists of (2) 10,000K extremely high output licensed Ocean White XT-E LED, (2) "Fiji Blue" XT-E LEDS (deep blue), (4) NEW "patent pending" NP full spectrum Blue ("Nature Perfect" from Osram Oslon) LED emitters, (2) Semi NUV emitters, and (1) Cree Red Emitter

These are on two different channels. Daylight can be controlled separately from the actinics (with the use of a controller).
One channel is all the Fiji Blues and NUV long with one NP Blue. The other channel is the daylight, red and remaining three NP Blue (full spectrum)

• Optimized spectrum to enhance coral coloration and growth

• NUV Diodes for improved coral health & fluorescence

• Red LED for photosynthesis & improved color rendition

• The overall color balance of the "Coral Colour 1500" when full on replaces a 20,000K Light.
It is ideal for a wide angle light in a marine reef aquarium and perfect as the sole lighting for a 30 gallon or less nano reef (NOT recommended for freshwater aquariums)

• Two of these Coral Colour Plus Ultima LEDs can easily light a 48 inch by 18 inch marine aquarium (2) Marine Blue 600s could be added for an advanced reef tank of this size)

The picture below shows an aquarium where a Maxspect 120 Watt in the middle was replaced by two Coral Colour Plus (total of 60 watt). Within two weeks, Montipora & other sps growth was noticeably improved

We are the ORIGINAL sellers of the TMC AquaRay LED with highest PUR EXCLUSIVE Emitters & proven PWM light controller technology! Ocean Blue NP, GroBeam, Reef White
Sun, 22 Feb 2015 07:11:20 +0100
Tropical Fish Aquarist
Wondering how much to expect from a 30 gallon aquarium holding goldfish in your home. This will give you a a good idea what you can do inside with a medium sized aquarium providing the organic waste for the double tray system. A pretty good looking small system. The required lighting is specified and other tips for economically using a 5 x 5 foot space in your home...Video even offers some deficiency identification of potassium and its cure for the home system safely as well. Ideal temperature he has found for the water is 71 degrees (F).]]>
Tue, 09 Dec 2014 01:13:39 +0100
EGY Aquarium
Sebae Anemone (Heteractis crispa)


Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons
Care Level: Difficult
Temperament: Aggressive
Reef Compatible: With Caution
Lighting: High
Waterflow: Medium
Water Conditions: 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
Color Form: Blue, Brown, White
Supplements: Iodine, Trace Elements
Family: Stichodactylidae


Heteractis malu is known as the Sebae or Leather Anemone. It was previously named Radianthus keukenthali. Heteractis crispa may also be called the Sebae Anemone. Heteractis malu is usually light tan to brown in color, and may have purple tips on its tentacles.

Acclimation to aquarium life can be very difficult for this species and its care should only be attempted by the most experienced aquarists. In the aquarium it requires strong lighting, porous live rock, and a variety of sandy and rocky locations from which it can choose to live. The addition of a Clownfish, such as the Blue Striped Clown, Amphiprion chrysopterus, will immediately help with its acclimatization and improve its chances of survival. When healthy, it will become very sticky. If it grasps onto something (or someone), it will be very difficult to convince it to let go without damaging it.

Once acclimated, it should be fed a diet of fish, worms, clams, shrimp, and other meaty foods once a week ...

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