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Sugi Yarti
Thu, 12 Oct 2017 23:42:20 +0200
Carl Strohmeyer
SPECIAL: 30 Watt Coral Colour Plus Ultima, Reef Aquarium Capable LED Tile- $199.99 ONLY ONE Available at this price! (Third "Specials" Cart)

• The Coral Colour Plus Ultima is an over all wide angle 20K Reef Aquarium Light which consists of (2) 10,000K extremely high output licensed Ocean White XT-E LED, (2) "Fiji Blue" XT-E LEDS (deep blue), (4) NEW "patent pending" NP full spectrum Blue ("Nature Perfect" from Osram Oslon) LED emitters, (2) Semi NUV emitters, and (1) Cree Red Emitter

These are on two different channels. Daylight can be controlled separately from the actinics (with the use of a controller).
One channel is all the Fiji Blues and NUV long with one NP Blue. The other channel is the daylight, red and remaining three NP Blue (full spectrum)

• Optimized spectrum to enhance coral coloration and growth

• NUV Diodes for improved coral health & fluorescence

• Red LED for photosynthesis & improved color rendition

• The overall color balance of the "Coral Colour 1500" when full on replaces a 20,000K Light.
It is ideal for a wide angle light in a marine reef aquarium and perfect as the sole lighting for a 30 gallon or less nano reef (NOT recommended for freshwater aquariums)

• Two of these Coral Colour Plus Ultima LEDs can easily light a 48 inch by 18 inch marine aquarium (2) Marine Blue 600s could be added for an advanced reef tank of this size)

The picture below shows an aquarium where a Maxspect 120 Watt in the middle was replaced by two Coral Colour Plus (total of 60 watt). Within two weeks, Montipora & other sps growth was noticeably improved

We are the ORIGINAL sellers of the TMC AquaRay LED with highest PUR EXCLUSIVE Emitters & proven PWM light controller technology! Ocean Blue NP, GroBeam, Reef White
Sun, 04 Sep 2016 14:00:08 +0200
Kristopher Vogt
Update hybrid Rose Queen mixed Red Devil flowerhorn 75 gallon aquarium filtration 2 Aqueon 55/75 quiet flow Tetra Whisper 30 filter media sponge intakes sponge filters Marine pure bulk symmetric rings bulk carbon wavemakers Marineland Maxi jet 400 sunsun jvp aquarium substrate black gravel caribsea aragonite caribsea crushed Coral maintenance water change gravel vac once a week stir gravel substrate as needed clean glass as needed top off tank clean aquarium lids surge protector drip Loop lighting 48 inch fluorescent full-spectrum bulb]]>
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Kristopher Vogt
Update 75 gallon aquarium mix cichlids hybrid Queen filtration Aqueon quietflow 55/75 AquaClear 110 Sponge Filter filter media Marine pure bulk symmetric rings bulk carbon sponge intake wave maker 2 Maxi jet 400 air pump Aqueon AirStone lighting 48 inch full spectrum fluorescent aquarium substrate aquarium P gravel caribsea aragonite caribsea crushed Coral stand welded iron maintenance water change gravel vac once a week clean impeller's as needed clean intake tubes stir substrate as needed clean lids replace fluorescent bulbs every year clean glass with razor blade top off the aquarium clean bio filtration with aquarium water]]>
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Jayanta Ghosh
Aquarium led lights available. From five inch to 48 inch. For planted. Marine. Reef. Direct ac no adapter needed. Price rs 400 to 5000,high power smd light. Required distributors for big markets.]]>
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fan wendy
36inch 48inch Led Aquarium Lighting for coral 30w/45w/60w Led Aquarium Light
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fan wendy
48 inch evergrow led light aquarium
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fan wendy
hot sale intelligent remote controller automatic operation mode 24inch 36inch 48inch cree led aquarium lighting for coral
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Herifi Aurora Series led aquarium light
Tue, 03 Nov 2015 07:54:56 +0100
fan wendy
60w 90w 120w 200w 240w 300w intelligent led aquarium light/2 Years Warranty Superb Quality 48inch aquarium led lighting
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Aquarium World
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