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Carl Strohmeyer
Still the BEST in Aquarium LED Lighting if you are seeking the longest warranty, highest PAR Efficiency as per input energy, & highest PUR.

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We are the ORIGINAL & ONLY Professional Full Service Seller of AAP AquaRay LED Lighting! The highest PAR efficiency, EXCLUSIVE Emitters & proven PWM technology! GroBeam, AquaBeam, more Aquarium keeping guru Carl Strohmeyer's choice where to purchase
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Marine Depot Aquarium Supplies
While it’s true LED reef lighting offers a lot of programming and automation options, not everyone has made the switch or is unhappy with their existing conventional lighting system. In fact, some reef aquarists have actually switched back to MH and T5 fixtures. ☀️

With the buzz about LED you might think everyone tossed their metal halides and T5s into the recycling bin. We'll look at why they're still used by aquarists, public aquariums, and propagation operations world-wide.
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Cypress Guppies
Aquarium Lights for Happy Fishredfire • July 4, 2017 • No Comments
Aquarium lighting fixtures are complete lighting units that mount on your tank. There are two reasons to have an aquarium lighting fixture. First, to simulate the natural light your fish would get in the wild, secondly, for you to see the fish and plants, and enjoy the vivid colors.

Light Fixtures for Freshwater Fish-only Tanks

Fish-only freshwater tanks are the most popular first aquariums. Artificial rocks and plastic plants decorate the tank, no living plants. The beauty of this for budding aquarists, is that you don’t have to get a fancy light fixture, as fish don’t photosynthesize! You can hone your lighting choice down to two factors. First, simulate the natural day/night light of your freshwater fish. Second, display your fish to show off their colors.

Popular freshwater tank fish come from tropical parts of the world where they live in shallow waters and get regular sunshine. Popular aquarium fish such as the cichlids, gourami, betta are all great for new aquarium owners. For bulbs, use full color spectrum ‘color enhancing’ bulbs.

Your fish will get stressed and unhealthy under unnatural light cycles. Keep on main day lighting no more than 8 hours a day. The main reason people go wrong with lighting for these systems is they do too much light and get algae problems. Never run actinic lights on your freshwater system – algae will multiply. Running the lights too long will promote algae bloom. It’s best to control the aquarium lights with an automatic timer.

For the best aquarium lighting experience, get an aquarium lighting fixture with lunar lights built in. The moon lights are inexpensive LEDs. Hybrid lighting fixtures keep each light source on separate power circuits. Automatic timers can switch each light to give a natural day/night lighting cycle, including dawn and dusk light.

Light Fixtures For Freshwater Planted Tanks

Freshwater planted systems are the next step up from fish-only tanks. Live plants nicer to look at, and with these primary producers in your tank, you’ve got a complete self sustaining ecology in your tank. Keeping live plants, your aquarium lighting fixture must provide the vital light that plants need to photosynthesize. Plants use chlorophyll to photosynthesize, this absorbs light at certain wavelengths (430nm and 680nm). They require light from both the red and blue parts of the color spectrum.

A dual bulb aquarium light fixture with a red plant growth bulb of 3000K and a full daylight of 6500K for vigorous healthy plants, especially when you are starting seedlings or cuttings. An added bonus of having both lamps is that daylight bulb brings out more of the colors, than using the plant growth bulb alone.

Light Fixtures For Saltwater Fish-only Tanks

Now let’s move on to the saltwater marine tanks. Without corals to think about, lighting choices are simple for saltwater fish-only tanks. Popular saltwater fish like clownfish, angelfish, and gobies don’t need uber-lighting fixtures. The aquarium lighting system you choose is to delight the viewer. After all, no one wants a dark box in their room. A daylight lamp of 5500K up to 10000K is a reasonable choice. Feel free to experiment with different bulbs till you get the fish colors popping just right. Just don’t overdo it with your photoperiod. Keep your day lighting down to less than 10 hours per day, too much lighting will boost algae growth.

One caveat – you may get the hankering to turn your fish-only tank into a mini-reef at some point in the future. Consider getting an aquarium light fixture with space for one or more bulbs than you need right now, in the future you can pop in an actinic bulb to keep your corals happy, and keep the same light fixture.

Light Fixtures for Reef Tanks

Finally, we come to the most challenging of tanks – the reef tank. The choice of aquarium lighting fixture is critical to the health of your corals and their symbiotic zooxanthellae. These are a beneficial algae that give nutrition to the corals. In return for the coral providing a nice safe home, the symbiotic algae repay their host with nutrition from photosynthesis. Coral needs this to stay healthy. Getting the right light to the zooxanthellae is the main lighting issue for reek-keepers.

Many people are nervous of taking the next step, and adding live rock to their saltwater tank. Industry marketing is to blame here -reading vendor’s blurb one would think that you need the most powerful and expensive Metal Halide lamps. It’s not true. There are many folks out there with excellent healthy corals, running on T5 HO or Power Compact fluorescent lighting fixtures. It all depends on your tank setup. Shallow tanks under 24″ in depth don’t necessarily require a MH lamp beaming down into the depths. Multiple T5 HO bulbs can provide enough intensity at these depths.

It also depends on your corals. These can be divided into three categories. Hard corals (stony corals) have an exterior skeleton built from calcium. Hard corals are referred to as LPS or Large Polyp Stony, and SPS or Small Polyp Stony. Given that the light must penetrate through the water, and through the hard body of the coral to reach the photosynthesizing algae, these kinds of corals can require advanced aquarium lighting fixtures.

Soft corals don’t use calcium to build a hard skeleton. These ‘softies’ include the leather, and mushroom corals. Generally soft corals need less intense light than the hard corals need to survive, meaning you can get away with High Output fluorescent lamps for the soft corals.

There are many factors which go into running a successful aquarium, and choosing correct aquarium lighting fixtures for your tank environment makes all the difference between success and failure of your aquarium project. Aquarium lighting fixtures must be selected on the basis of your tank’s setup.

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john milton
5 Best Guide To Steup A Freshwater Aquarium #LED Lighting
LED lighting seems to be a brilliant option for any freshwater aquarium. When compared to other lighting fixtures, led lights are long lasting, energy efficient and also relatively effortless to install.
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Jim Feng (herifi led grow light)
As a LED grow/aquarium light manufacturer,
Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co.,LTD founded in
2012, we have 200 staffs and 5000 square meters
factory to speclize in manufacturing plant led grow
lights and aquarium led lightings. The equipment and
materials to produce hydroponics led grow light
and marine aquarium led light fixture imported from
Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Unites States, such as
automatic SMT machine, reflow soldering machine,
all kinds of electric test equipment, large integrating
sphere and such sorts of production and R&D

Herifi enjoys a high reputation in grow led lamp and aquarium led light fields throughout Europe and
America.Herifi insists on taking high technology to design the newest&best led grow light and aquarium
light constantly as the market request. Our R&D team with more than 20 people has rich experience in
appearance design, electronic structure,heat dissipation simulation analysis, optical lens design, light
control system etc. Most of our hydroponics full spectrum led grow lighting and marine coral reef led
aquarium lighting are private modules,we have 10 more design patent and utility model patent till now.
Our led plant grow lights and led aquarium lamp are popular in led market, cause its elegant outlook and
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Professional in led grow lights and led aquarium light manufacturer, Herifi has provided thousands of
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aquarium lighting, industrial lighting and special lighting etc. We have provided thoughts of LED lighting
scheme for lots of famous brand so far.We have many kinds of grow led plant lights and led lights for
aquarium fish and coral, long/square led plant lamp, 120w/200w/400w/600w/800w/1000w/1600w grow
hydroponic led lamp; COB & high power led growing lights; and panel led aquarium led lightings. We
could accept clients’ customized lights need.

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Jim Feng (herifi led grow light)
The Gemstone Seires BS003 Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights
Dimensions: 622x430x65mm
Weight: 9.9pcs

Actual Wattage: 600w ±10%%
Lenses: 60/90/120 degree
Total Diodes: 294pcs
Diode Wattage: 3w
Input Voltage: 100-240V AC Power Input
Work Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Amperage: 600mA
Package: 2pcs/box
Standard Configuration: LED Light x1, 1.5m Power line x1, Hanging Kit x 2
Gemstone Series 294x3w Hydroponics Plant Indoor LED Grow Light for Greenhouse Published
led grow lights
indoor plant grow lights
Gemstone Series LED grow lights Advantage
1. 3W led chip.
2. 60 90 120 degree lenses.
3. Silence fan, special cover design in four corner.
4. Aluminum cooling system, Unique heat dissipation, optics, structure, power design, pure aluminum, led temperature below 40°.
5 . 20% PAR and design idea higher than industry same level which we use original import chips, special lens
deisgn, driver efficiency above 90%.
6 . Convenient maintenance, automatic production, 3 years warranty.
7. Best for growing, flowering, fruiting etc. Full spectrum(12 band) recommended.
8. Patend Product.
indoor plant grow lights
Why does Gemstone Series LED plant lighting stimulate hydroponic plant growth and flowering?
1. Original import chip guarantee that lifespan and PAR, ideal for promoting photosynthesis.
2. Special lenses design, magnify that chip effect, 60 90 120 degree lenses, providing more footprint than HPS light.
3. Fully customizable spectrum, 12 band spectrum for customer choice. Red are mainly 630nm 660nm, 660nm spectrum is better than 630nm spectrum for plant flowering. Desipte that 660nm cost is higher than 630nm, we insist that product quality is best and take more 660nm for customer.
4. Take silence fan, lower noise, special appearance deisgn with certain radian.
5. Auminum heat dissipation grow led lighting, lower that temperature, extend that lifespan, reaching that UL standard.
LED Grow Lighting Application:
Ideal for all phases of plant growth and flowering, works well with water solution culture and soil culture and hydroponics. Can be used in home garden, farm, flower growth, bonsai, flower exhibition, hydroponics cultivation, greenhouse cultivation, rose growth, water soluble breeding, pipeline cultivation, seeding or growing stem, blooming fruiting breeding plant, football grass plant, sowing and so on.

Herifi LED Grow Lights and LED Aquarium Lighting Manufacturer
After years of rigorous research and development, herifi develop different series led grow light, including gemstone series led grow light, diamond seriesgrow lamp, explore series led grow lamp, demeter series grow light, aura seires, ladder series LED grow lights. For aquarium led lighting, we also have two series, 400mm 600mm 900mm aura series and 600mm 900mm 1200mm ladder series coral reef/grass plant LED aquarium lighting.
Why are herifi grow led lighting and led plant aquarium light best for plant growth and coral reef?
1. The equipment and materials to produce hydroponics led grow light and marine aquarium led light fixture imported from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Unites States, such as automatic SMT machine, reflow soldering machine, all kinds of electric test equipment, large integrating sphere and such sorts of production and R&D equipment.
2. Appearance design insist that simple, elegant, reliable durable, grow led ligning and aquarium led lighting quality insist that high quality and constanly improve that product function, like wifi dimmable and intelligent model.
3. LED grow light design is in pursuit of longer lifespan, higher PAR to stimulate plant growh and flowering, strenghten photosynthesis and yields.
4. LED aquarium lighting design try to do IP68 waterproof, as that UL requirement.
5. More choice for customer, no matter appearance deisng and footprint size and function choose, you require, we achieve that.
This is why grower agreeing that herifi led grow light and aquarium led lighting are best for plant growht and flowering, enjoys a high reputation in grow led lamp and aquarium led light fields throughout Europe and America etc.

Herifi Technology Faster, Higher, Stonger LED Grow Light Factory
Tel : 0086-755-23065830
E-mail :

Shenzhen herifi specializes in manufacturing led grow light and led aquarium light,full spectrum led grow lights,COB Grow Light,Hydroponic Grow Lights,indoor grow room supplies, OEM or ODM service is available.
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